Achieve a Beautiful, Long-Lasting Smile with a Family Focus

Looking for highest quality dentistry services and cosmetic dental procedures in Hamilton and Stoney Creek? You’ve come to the right place!

Our Stoney Creek Dentist Matches Modern Dentistry with a Family Focus

Straighter and whiter teeth are just a phone call away! At Gateshead Dental, we help you achieve a beautiful, long-lasting smile with service you can trust.

We’ve been in the Hamilton community for more than 30 years. We’re committed to bringing you a one-of-a-kind experience. At Gateshead Dental, we:

  • Take a family friendly approach. No need for your kids to fear going to this dentist.
  • Use the latest dental equipment. With cutting-edge technology, you’re getting the best care possible.
  • Lead the way in treating TMJ syndrome.
  • Are the right choice for dental implants.

Our team will get to know you personally and help you find the best available treatment to get you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Find a Qualified Family Dentist in Hamilton When You Choose Gateshead Dental

Did you know that studies have proven that 70% of people find smiling faces more attractive than faces with makeup? It’s true! Smiling is also great for your blood pressure and it can actually boost your immune system.

Dr. Rocci and his team are uniquely qualified to work on your teeth. They have been practicing cosmetic dentistry in Stoney Creek and Hamilton for more than 30 years. When you choose our dentistry, you’re not just getting a one-time fix; you’re getting a smile for life.

We’re passionate about:

  • Educating the community about oral health so that patients can maintain healthy and beautiful smiles.
  • Taking great care to make sure that every one of our patients has a comfortable experience. For example, we always provide the option of using nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for patients with anxiety or fear about going to the dentist.
  • Using a holistic approach. We believe in a whole-body perspective, looking beyond just the teeth.

Whether you’re here for dental implants, dentures, or crowns, we can help.

At Gateshead Dental, we treat each patient like family. Our kind and caring staff make sure that your experience is honest, friendly, and comfortabe. Our deep community ties make us uniquely positioned to be your Hamilton or Stoney Creek dentist.

We treat each patient individually and consider what other health concerns may be affecting the mouth, and vice-versa. We take great care to address underlying issues to help ensure healthier smiles, and healthier lives.

High Standards

We are dedicated toward striving to provide the highest standards of personalized dental care.

Training & Expertise

As dental healthcare professionals, our staff is not only friendly, but also highly trained with years of industry experience.

Education & Prevention

Our team focuses on preventative care and education for our clients as the keys to maintaining optimal dental health.

Urgent Reasons to Visit or Call Gateshead Dental

Dental Emergency?


A little bit of oral bleeding may be caused by vigorous teeth brushing or gingivitis but if your teeth and gums are bleeding excessively and more than once a week then you may be experiencing a serious oral health issue and should schedule a visit as quickly as possible.


It’s easy to put off going to the dentist for a little bit of pain in your mouth, but if the feeling is ongoing it should never be ignored. Pain in your teeth or mouth should not interfere with daily activities. If it does, call Gateshead Dental today before it gets any worse.


Loose teeth aren’t just for kids. Adults can get them, too, caused by anything from an injury, to gum disease, to grinding your teeth. If you’ve noticed a loose tooth, call the dentist right away. If you’ve already lost a tooth, here at Gateshead we offer many cosmetic services to treat missing teeth or gaps in the mouth.

Discover the Best Solutions for All Your Dental Concerns

Dr. Rocci and the team at Gateshead Dental are leaders in treating TMJ Syndrome.

Our cutting-edge technology meets a family friendly atmosphere. With the latest technical equipment, bonding, filling, implanting, and crowning is easier than ever before.

I was very impressed with the punctuality but more impressed with the care I was given in just cleaning my teeth. For the first time in 10 years my teeth actually felt clean after leaving the dentist. I was especially impressed that after the cleaning, the dentist took the time to examine the cleaning to make sure everything was good. That was also a first.”




Dr. Fel Rocci has been offering dental services in Stoney Creek and Hamilton for more than 30 years! Share your experience or find out what clients had to say about their Gateshead experience.

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Choosing a dentist in Stoney Creek and Hamilton can be a difficult decision. Let us make it easy for you. Schedule an appointment and visit our office today. Dr. Rocci and his team are experienced in a variety of treatments and give remarkable service with thorough education and prevention practices. Achieve good oral health and a beautiful smile when you choose Gateshead Dental.


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