Emergency Dentistry Stoney Creek

What is considered a Dental Emergency in Stoney Creek?

Accidents that affect the teeth or sudden, severe discomfort and swelling in the mouth, can indicate the need to find an emergency dentistry in Stoney Creek.

When you contact Gateshead Dental, one of our staff members will speak with you to assess your situation and make an emergency appointment to see the dentist for a consultation. From there, you will be able to undergo the necessary treatment.

With over 30 years of dental experience, you can trust Dr. Rocci and his team to provide timely, professional and appropriate treatment.

Do I Have a Dental Emergency in Hamilton?

Fractured Tooth

Pay close attention to the size of the dental fracture and the severity of pain associated with it to decide if you need immediate attention from our emergency dental care team.


Swelling that appears suddenly could be a sign of infection. The area will feel warm and tender, appear red, and there may be puss present. Ice the area thoroughly and call us immediately, as infection is a serious health issue.

Abcessed Tooth

An abscess is usually recognized by swelling and redness and usually means there is pus trapped at the root of the tooth. Our dentist will examine the area and prescribe an antibiotic and/or painkiller if an infection is present before performing a therapy such as a tooth extraction, root canal therapy, or other dental therapies.

Extruded Tooth

When a tooth has been forced backward or forward in its socket, it has been extruded. Do not try to move the tooth back into position and call our team immediately.

Facial Fracture

A facial fracture can affect the teeth and gums and is a medical emergency. Patients should seek emergency dental care at a hospital and follow up with our dentist for additional treatment in the event of damage.

Knocked Out Tooth

If an entire tooth is knocked from its socket, there is a small window of time in which we can re-implant the tooth, as long as the root is not damaged. After bleeding has been controlled, transport the tooth in a wet cloth or gently fit the tooth back into its socket and call us immediately!

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