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Why are Teeth Cleanings in Hamilton Important?

Professional dental cleanings are an important part of your lifelong oral health routine. Our dental hygienists in Stoney Creek can help supplement the dental care you do at home by providing a deep, professional clean that keeps your mouth healthy, while also helping you identify any problems you may be having. Brushing and flossing regularly are the best ways to keep your mouth healthy alongside things like cleaning the soft tissues in your mouth and rinsing after eating acidic foods. However, even with good oral hygiene habits, a build-up of plaque (the bacterial film that accumulates on the teeth, especially along the gum line) and tartar (calculus, hard deposits) usually occurs on the surfaces of, and in between, the teeth. Over time, plaque and tartar allow bacteria to cling to tooth surfaces and gums and begin the process of tooth decay and gum disease. Seeking out a dental hygienist at Gateshead Dental is a great way to stay on top of your oral health care and reduce the amount of plaque that builds up. Maintaining good oral health is an important aspect of your overall health, and over time tooth decay can occur if cleaning is overlooked.

Do You Experience Dental Anxiety Before Visits?

Often, a fear of pain or humiliation accompanies decisions to avoid professional teeth cleaning or dentist visits. We take great care in providing a comfortable atmosphere, a gentle touch, and professional, preventative care. Our hygienists take care to clean your teeth gently, particularly if your gums are sore or you have a mild case of gingivitis. If there is a lot of fear or anxiety, we can provide gentle sedation with nitrous oxide to make the experience more comfortable and ease any worry. Our hygienists will do everything they can to create an environment that is welcoming, calm, and feels safe. We care deeply about our patients and want to provide them with a positive experience during their dental procedures.

How is Professional Teeth Cleaning Performed?

Our Stoney Creek dental hygienists have access to a number of instruments that help cleanse the teeth more thoroughly than you can at home.


An ultrasonic instrument can be used to knock stubborn tarter loose. This tartar debris is washed away from the teeth and gums using a water mist.


A variety of fine hand tools are then used to get smaller bits of calculus off the teeth. These tools can look intimidating, but our Hamilton dental hygienists apply gentle pressure to carefully clean your teeth.


Once tartar build-up has been removed, the dental hygienist will polish your teeth with an electronic polisher and a paste that is similar to toothpaste.


At the end of the cleaning, the dental hygienist may choose to apply fluoride to your teeth, which helps strengthen the surfaces of the teeth, particularly in the spots where tartar build-up and plaque will have weakened the enamel of your teeth.

Protect Your Teeth with a Dental Hygienist in Stoney Creek

Visiting your Stoney Creek dental hygienist will protect you from experiencing tooth decay, and create strong and healthy teeth and gums. Here are some tips on how you can maintain good oral care between visits:

Brush a minimum of twice daily, usually for 2 minutes or more

Focus on brushing soft tissues inside the mouth as well, including gums, cheeks, tongue and hard palate

Floss at least once daily, being sure to drag the floss underneath the gums to scrap along the bottom (or top) of each tooth

Rinse your mouth with water after eating, particularly if you have consumed acidic or sugary foods

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