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What are Dental Crowns in Stoney Creek?

Dental Crowns, also known as caps, are a restoration procedure done by dentists to cover a tooth that’s damaged. While a filling just plugs a hole, the crown becomes the new external surface of the tooth. If a tooth is extensively chipped, decayed, or cracked, this procedure is performed. The dental crowns in Hamilton is made in a laboratory and fit over the tooth structure. The dentist then cements it in place to completely encase the remaining tooth structure.
How Do I Get One?
Before a crown can be placed, you must first visit the dentist for x-rays or to perform any treatment for tooth decay. Once that is complete, the tooth will be prepared for fitting, which involves filing down the surfaces of the teeth. If there is not enough tooth, because it has been severely damaged, the dentist will build up the tooth beforehand. Next, a mold will be taken of the tooth and sent to a lab where the crown will be custom made to fit your mouth. These custom shaded crowns are made to match the colour of your surrounding teeth. A plastic cover will be placed over this tooth to protect it until the crown is ready. On your second visit, the dentist will remove the plastic cover and then check the colour and fit of the crown that was prepared for you. If everything looks good, local anaesthetic will be applied around the tooth and the crown will be cemented into place. Dental crowns will usually last between 5 and 15 years, depending on the amount of wear the crown is subjected to. Good oral hygiene will protect the crown as well as the tooth underneath, which is not protected from gum disease or tooth decay.

Why Do I Need a Hamilton Dental Crown?

There are many situations in which a dentist might recommend a crown. Some of them include:

To protect a weakened tooth that might break apart if left uncovered, such as a cracked tooth, or a tooth that has undergone a root canal treatment and has a large filling

To cover a tooth that has already been broken or has a lot of surface wear

To keep a dental bridge in place between the teeth

To cover a tooth implant

To make the tooth appear cosmetically better

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What is a Dental Bridge?
Bridges are much like crowns but include solid teeth-like pontics to fill missing-tooth spaces. In this case, the crowns are called Abutments. Bridges are the best option if the patient is only missing a couple teeth and does not want dentures or implants. Bridges also take two visits to get installed in your mouth. On the first visit, we will trim your tooth down and do extractions if necessary. Then we will take molds of your teeth, and place a temporary plastic cover over your tooth. At your second visit, we will remove the plastic cover and seal the Abutment to your teeth while properly placing the pontics for a full and correct bite. If you have questions about this procedure or any of the services we offer, call our office today and one of our team members will be happy to assist you!
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