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Dr. Fel Rocci and the team at Gateshead Dental provides a full range of dental procedures, from cosmetic dentistry, to hygiene, and even emergency dental. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Rocci is arguably one of the best dentists in Hamilton and Stoney Creek. Listed below are several of the most popular dental procedures.

My wife has never been awake getting dental work done because she was afraid but when she went to Dr. Rocci he put her mind at ease and she has never had a problem. She recently had a couple of fillings and a root canal done and she didn’t feel a thing. He even took time out the next day to phone her and to see how she was doing, it goes to show you that he cares about his patients. My wife didn’t have any pain what so ever. The staff here are the greatest they always greet you with a smile and by name, with all the patients how they remember everyone’s name I don’t know, but they do.


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