Children’s Dentist

Dr. Fel Rocci and the team at Gateshead Dental provide gentle dental care for children. Children’s teeth and jaws undergo a series of changes in a short amount of time, calling for extra attention as they grow and develop.

A children’s dentist can help you navigate those changes and ensure that everything is developing smoothly, as well as staying on top of solutions should problems arise with the child’s teeth.

What children’s dentistry services do we offer in our Stoney Creek office?

Chidren Dentist

Why choose Gateshead Dental as you child’s dentist?

  • Experienced Pediatric Dentist. The Gateshead Dental team takes a calm, friendly approach to treating children to quell feelings of anxiety or restlessness. Our dentist and hygienists are gentle in their dental treatment and make kids feel at ease during their visits.
  • Focused on Prevention. Gateshead Dental places emphasis on patient education, particularly in preventative maintenance. Childhood is the best time to begin building good dental hygiene habits and understanding the importance of regular brushing, flossing and dental check-ups.
  • Safe Environment. Our friendly staff keeps children calm and comfortable during dental visits. Our office waiting area is inviting and includes games and a TV. Treatment rooms are equipped with television sets as well to provide a distraction during procedures.