Dental Implants Stoney Creek

Gateshead Dental is your top choice for dental implants in Stoney Creek


Missing a tooth? It can affect more than just your smile. Gaps in your teeth can make it hard to eat, and even to speak. We can help restore those functions while giving you a great smile to boot.


Dr. Rocci and the team at Gateshead Dental have 20 years of experience restoring smiles with dental implants. We will ensure that you leave our care with a smile you will love.


After our Hamilton periodontist has inserted the implant, Dr. Rocci will complete the tooth replacement with the insertion of a crown. You will then be able to eat and talk with ease, and you’ll never have to hide your smile again. After our Hamilton periodontist has inserted the implant, Dr. Rocci will complete the tooth replacement with the insertion of a crown.

Why Should You Consider Gateshead Dental for your implant procedure?

A beautiful smile not only gives you confidence but can open new doors for you. If you are missing one or more of your teeth, you may be looking for a permanent solution to replace them. Getting Dental Implants in Stoney Creek will recreate the look and feel of your natural teeth so you can smile with confidence at all times.


With this treatment, no one will ever know that you were once missing teeth. Your new teeth will be incredibly comfortable and will have the same level of functionality as your natural teeth. By the end of your procedure, you won’t be able to stop smiling!


  • 20 years of experience doing dental implants
  • A very high success rate
  • Cash discounts accepted
  • In-person laboratory consultation
  • Highest quality implant parts
  • Latest guided technology
  • A periodontal surgical component that gets results

How is a Dental Implant Placed?

Dental implants in Hamilton or Stoney Creek are a multi-step process that require both a periodontist and a general dentist. Implants can last as long as a regular tooth, if not longer. They can also fall out if not given proper oral hygiene. The dental implant procedure happens as follows:

The former tooth’s root is removed. There is a five-month waiting period while the bone heals and fills in.

  • Once the bone is fully healed, a periodontist, specialist, or trained general dentist drills a hole to replace the root.
  • A titanium post with a metal cap is placed in the newly drilled root space. There is another five-month waiting period until the bone bonds around the titanium root. If the necessary bone height is inadequate, this is also when the periodontist will add the required height for a successful implant.
  • Once the bone has fully bonded around the titanium root, the general dentist fabricates a tooth for the implant. This is a two-week process. First, molds are taken, then they are sent to a lab so that a crown may be created, and finally they are sent back to the dentist as a functional replacement tooth.
  • This new tooth is placed on the replacement root and is immediately ready to act as a functional tooth in the patient’s mouth.
  • In the case of a front tooth needing a dental implant, a denture tooth is used to prevent the other permanent teeth from closing in the gap during the 5-month waiting period.
  • Patients that might not qualify for dental implants in Hamilton may include those with diabetes, osteoporosis, or cancer patients being treated with bisphosphonate. Please inquire with our staff in order to determine whether you would be a candidate for dental implants.

Dental implant procedures require time and teamwork between the dentist and patient, but at Gateshead Dental we make sure that all parts of the process are performed with the utmost care.


Schedule an appointment today if you are interested in getting dental implants in Stoney Creek or want to learn more about the dental services we offer. Dr. Rocci and his staff will be happy to provide the necessary information in order to enable you to make an informed decision.