Dr. Fel Rocci has been offering dental services in Stoney Creek and Hamilton for over 30 years! Let others know why you continue to visit Dr. Rocci and the Gateshead Dental team.

Today I had my first cleaning at Gateshead Dental. I was very impressed with the punctuality but more impressed with the care I was given in just cleaning my teeth. For the first time in 10 years my teeth actually felt clean after leaving the dentist. I was especially impressed that after the cleaning, the dentist took the time to examine the cleaning to make sure everything was good. That was also a first.
Gateshead Dental Client
Only dental clinic that gives you a blanket and let’s you nap when an emergency intrudes during your appointment! Only dental clinic that i have ever been to where everyone works together seamlessly and during your visit, they have a great sense of humor. All the staff ensure you know exactly what is being done during the procedure. All procedures are clearly explained and qualified. Innovative ideas bring a beautiful smile to your face. I love it there!
Hi Dr. Rocci,
I find your staff very kind, pleasant and willing to help. Service is terrific, I’m very glad you took us on as patients. Thank you.”
My wife has never been awake getting dental work done because she was afraid but when she went to Dr. Rocci he put her mind at ease and she has never had a problem. She recently had a couple of fillings and a root canal done and she didn’t feel a thing. He even took time out the next day to phone her and to see how she was doing, it goes to show you that he cares about his patients. My wife didn’t have any pain what so ever. The staff here are the greatest they always greet you with a smile and by name, with all the patients how they remember everyone’s name I don’t know, but they do. BEST DENTIST AND STAFF IN ONTARIO.
Mike B.
I’ve been going to Gateshead Dental since I was a little boy. Great staff, very clean, I’m completely satisfied with the service. Thank you.
Gateshead Dental Client
Best find in my entire 54 years. Very innovated and up to date with the newest procedures that are explained well. I have had a bite problem for decades. They can fix what I was told couldn’t. My front teeth have many sharp chips from operations. They can fix it when others said no! Staff is amazing! Parking abundant. Keeps me smiling!
Gateshead Dental Client
Coming through the door….the wonderful friendly greeting as always is great! My hygienist Shelly is so amazing. With my teeth being so sensitive…. I have never had anyone so gentle with her caring and concerns the whole time she is cleaning my teeth. She’s the best. Thank you for a pleasant visit as always.

Absolutely love Dr. Rossi. Smart and very capable but has the calm and comforting personality to always make you feel at ease. Definitely would recommend him!